Airmont Dental Surgery

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Even with all the great advances in restorative dentistry, there are still some teeth that are beyond repair and saving. After your primary dentist has considered all restorative options, from dental crowns to dental fillings to root canals, they may recommend that the tooth be extracted and replaced with a dental appliance. Whether due to deep cracks, failed restorations, recurring endodontic problems, severe decay, or extensive crowding, sometimes tooth extraction is necessary. You’ll often be referred to Ramapo Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons located near Airmont, New York by your primary dentist, as most dentists do not perform surgical tooth removal.

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Surgical Tooth Removal Airmont

Like any surgical procedure performed by our analysis essay writing, tooth extractions are performed using the most conservative and minimally invasive methods possible, all for the sake of patient comfort and oral health. When removing a tooth, our dental surgeons will use extreme precision and skill to preserve the integrity of the surrounding bone and gum tissue. By spending more time planning out the tooth extraction and being mindful of your oral health, we can decrease discomfort and swelling. Additionally, the patient will experience faster healing, which can result in quick and easy tooth replacement.

Having been in practice for many years, our blog link are highly skilled in all oral surgery procedures, including bone grafting, reconstructive jaw surgery, and dental implant placement. For exceptional dental skill and a strong emphasis on gentle dentistry, come to Ramapo Oral & Maxillo-Facial Surgery located near Airmont for all your dental surgical needs.

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