Hillburn Corrective Jaw Surgery

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Oral surgery at Ramapo Oral & Maxillo-Facial Surgery is not simply concerned with the health and functioning of your teeth and gums, but also the health of your jawbone. Working in conjunction with orthodontists, our oral surgeons often perform orthognathic surgery to correct both minor and major skeletal and dental problems related to a jawbone abnormality. Whether you’ve endured a traumatic injury to your jaw or the abnormality stems from a growth or birth defect, our how to get off celexa safely can reconstruct your upper and lower jaws to create a better bite and remedy many classifications of malocclusion.

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Hillburn Orthognathic Surgery

Malocclusion refers to the improper coming together of the teeth and these issues can often be corrected with orthodontics. However, when orthodontic treatment has not been effective in correcting your bite, our oral surgeons can perform orthognathic surgery to improve tooth and jawbone alignment. Though you may assume orthognathic surgery is a cosmetic procedure, one that will present patients with a more aligned and nicer looking smile, there are comprehensive benefits to jaw surgery at Ramapo Oral & Maxillo-Facial Surgery. The malocclusion of the teeth can seriously harm the function and warp the visual appearance of the teeth and face. Over time, as you’re constantly chewing, drinking, and speaking, the misaligned upper and lower teeth can be grinding and clenching improperly, resulting in unnatural and rapid tooth wear. This happens because the pressure on each tooth is not spread evenly, causing the facial muscles to interact differently and teeth to place pressure on the gums. Additionally, this pressure and early wear can cause teeth to become loose in their sockets, as well as weaken the protective enamel. Lastly, patients with the malocclusion of teeth may have difficulty speaking, chewing, and swallowing food. For all these reasons – tooth wear, chronic jaw pain, loose teeth, and tooth sensitivity – patients should receive orthognathic surgery at Ramapo Oral & Maxillo-Facial Surgery to correct their overbites, underbites, and misaligned jaws. Together with your primary dentist and orthodontist, our Hillburn oral surgeons will construct a comprehensive treatment plan, which outlines how corrective jaw surgery will influence proper jaw function and the cosmetic appearance of your entire face.

To learn more about the benefits of orthognathic surgery, come visit Ramapo Oral & Maxillo-Facial Surgery for a consultation with our oral surgeons.

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