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Taking care of your teeth and your oral health is extremely important. Brushing and flossing daily are common habits that can help prevent the buildup of plaque, therefore preventing tooth decay and gum disease. In addition to these at home methods, regular dental visits are also recommended so that more stubborn plaque can be removed. But these regular visits with your dentist can mean much more than that. Our Suffern oral surgeon here at Ramapo Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery can also help determine whether you exhibit signs of oral cancer, as well.

Suffern Oral Cancer Treatments
Suffern Oral Cancer Treatments

While regular dentist’s visits can help limit the amount of harmful plaque and bacteria on your tooth enamel and along your gumline, these visits also allow your dentist to better monitor your overall dental health. With regular visits, they will be able to identify any subtle changes more easily, especially if you begin to show signs of oral cancer. While a routine visit to your dentist can tell you whether exhibit any signs, there are some symptoms that you should look out for between visits. These symptoms include white or red patches anywhere in the mouth, any lumps on the lip, tongue or throat, pain when chewing or swallowing, the sensation that something is caught or stuck at the back of your throat, any unusual numbness in the mouth, loose teeth or ill-fitting dentures, any changes in your voice or the development of speech problems, and weight loss. If you experience any of these symptoms then it is a good idea to schedule an appointment with any one of our Suffern oral surgeons, Dr. David Caponigro, Dr. Anthony Pavone, or Dr. Justin Hendi. Upon seeing you, they will be able to give you a proper diagnosis and begin planning for any necessary surgery or treatment.

Taking care of your teeth, gums and mouth is one thing, but also being aware of your day to day oral health is important, too. The smallest signs or symptoms can help you realize when to schedule an appointment. Early detection can help ensure the success of your treatment, and our Suffern oral surgeons at Ramapo Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery are here to help.

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