Rockland County implants

Rockland County Implants

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Oral Surgeon in Rockland County

People suffering with missing teeth can recapture their full smile through the use of dental implants. At Ramapo Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery our doctors specializes in implant dentistry, as well as the full spectrum of oral surgery services. As opposed to using a bridge to replace missing teeth Rockland County implants permanently replace teeth with new teeth that are actually part of the jawbone.

Our dentist begins the teeth replacement process with a comprehensive examination to determine the problem and whether an implant or some other method of restoration is best. If Rockland County implants are the right approach then our doctor will implant a titanium anchor under the gum into the jawbone. Over time the titanium anchor will fuse with the jawbone forming a very stable, strong support root for the new tooth. Usually an abutment is placed over the anchor to eventually support placement of a crown. When the area has healed a crown will be placed over the abutment to form the new tooth. The new tooth will look; feel and function exactly like the original tooth but will not be subject to cavities and never need a root canal.

Rockland County implants may not the best approach for every patient. Our doctor will check a number of considerations for each individual case. Since the anchor will be fused with the jawbone there has to be enough bone material at the implant site to support the implant, which can be a problem since the longer the tooth has been missing the more the bone has atrophied. If the bone available is not sufficient our doctor can use a bone graft to supplement the bone present and stimulate new bone growth. The patient also has to be in good overall health since the implant placement is a surgical procedure. The overall health of the patient’s gums is also important since gum disease can cause an implant to fail, so first any instances of gum disease has to be addressed, as does cases of teeth clenching. Once these issues have cleared up a dental implant is a great solution to replacing missing teeth. Don’t put up with a missing or damaged tooth please see our doctor for options to restore your mouth to the way it once was.

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