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Rockland oral surgery office

Rockland oral surgery office

If you have one or even several missing teeth, dental implants may be of interest to you. Compared to more old-fashioned and less advanced tooth replacements, bridges and dentures, our Rockland oral surgery office can offer you many more benefits with implants. Removable dentures and fixed bridges are only surface solutions, ignoring the vital root. Furthermore, you either end up losing natural tooth material (fixed bridges) or have to use messy and unreliable dental adhesive (removable dentures), things that are eliminated with dental implants done by us at Ramapo Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery. You can get back your complete smile, with an artificial tooth that looks, feels, and even performs just like your real teeth do.

Having empty space where a tooth once was can make you feel self-conscious when you open your mouth. If it’s a back tooth, your ability to chew can be less efficient, leading to digestive issues. Also, bone and gum tissue can atrophy and your normal facial contours can change. But with dental implants, our Rockland oral surgery office can remove all of those drawbacks, giving you a brand new tooth with a strong root beneath it.

The first step is to have our local oral surgeon place the root replacement, a cylindrical titanium post, into your jaw. This is done under a local anesthetic so the process won’t be painful. Within a few months, your jaw bone will fuse with the post, as jaw tissue grows around it. And with a durable and sturdy root, you can then have a tooth-colored crown put on top at our Rockland oral surgery office. It is cemented to the post for permanence. In fact, with proper care, you can expect your dental implant to last a long time, maybe even for life.

Brush your implant and floss between it and your other teeth as normal. Chew any food you want, even tough ones. No cavities will ever form. No root canal or extraction will ever be needed. And you may even forget you have an implant, so natural does it feel. Just call our Rockland oral surgery office to get started.

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