Rockland Teeth in a Day

Immediate implants in Rockland

Rockland Teeth in a day

Rockland Teeth in a day

If you would like Rockland teeth in a day, you should call us and schedule a consultation with us at Ramapo Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery. While not everyone will be a good candidate for immediate implants, our local oral surgeon can do an examination and evaluation to determine if you do qualify for them. If so, you can enjoy the instant gratification that comes from coming in with empty space where teeth used to be, and leaving that same day with brand new teeth and a full smile. That’s an exciting prospect, but even if you have to get conventional dental implants, you are still benefiting from the most advanced way to restore full teeth that is available today.

To start the process of getting Rockland teeth in a day, you will come in for your scheduled appointment and our local oral surgeon will do a full examination and evaluation, including imaging. A full medical history will also be taken and you will have an opportunity to ask any questions that you have about the procedure. Part of this evaluation is to make sure that your jaw bone is strong and thick enough to support the titanium post that will be placed surgically in your jaw. Assuming so, the procedure will begin and that post will be implanted. And if you have been deemed a good candidate for Rockland teeth in a day, the tooth-colored crown that will be put on top of the post will also be done later that day. Otherwise, there will be a three to four month period during which your jaw bone will be allowed to grow around the post and fuse with it before the crown is added. However, you can have a temporary denture fashioned in the meantime.

For a replacement tooth that is strong, durable, looks, feels, and functions like a natural one, you cannot beat dental implants. And the longer you have missing teeth, the more prone you are to shifting teeth and the possibility of misaligned jaw. There’s no reason to wait. Call our office Rockland teeth in a day┬áto get started now.

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