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If you’re living with missing teeth, you’re causing damage to your jawbone by not visiting your dentist to receive a dental implant or another restorative dental procedure to replace the missing tooth. Over time, the jawbone underneath your missing teeth atrophies or is reabsorbed, leaving an unsuitable condition for the placement of dental implants. Before dental implant surgery, bone grafting with the ciali MS at Ramapo Oral & Maxillo-Facial Surgery is occasionally necessary to supplement the bone mass of the patient’s jaw so that the implant will be firmly anchored. Not only does bone grafting replace missing bone, but it helps your body regenerate its own bone. Overtime, your newly formed bone will replace much of the grafted material, which will strengthen your jaw bone and properly secure your dental implant.

After a bone graft, your writing essay on continuing academic success will be able to place dental implants of the proper length and width, but can restore jaw function and aesthetic appearance. Bone grafting is used for numerous reasons, such as building up the bone for better support of dentures, or correcting bone defects caused by tooth extractions, the removal of cysts, or advanced gum disease. Additionally, extensive bone grafts can play a large part of reconstructive dental surgery to correct conditions like cleft palate or traumatic injuries.

Major bone grafts repair defects of the jaw and require a hospital stay. The bone is obtained either from a tissue bank or your own bone from the jaw, hip or tibia. Bone grafts positively impact the health and stability of your teeth in two ways: jaw stabilization and preservation. Bone grafting stabilizes and helps restore the jaw foundation for restorative or implant surgery with Ramapo Oral & Maxillo-Facial Surgery in Spring Valley. Additionally, bone grafting can limit or prevent bone recession following a tooth extraction, periodontal disease or other invasive processes. Once a bone graft is complete, you’ll be able to replace your missing teeth with a dental implant, now that the jaw has been reinforced, there is a good foundation to hold a dental implant.

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