Wisdom teeth removal in Bergen County

Bergen County wisdom teeth removal

Even if you show or experience no signs or symptoms of tooth decay or gum disease, regular dental visits can help monitor the progression of your dental health. This makes it easier for your dentist to spot any small changes or other concerns. This can include the eruption of wisdom teeth before they even begin to come in, especially if they turn out to be impacted. Our local oral surgeon here at Ramapo Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery can help decide whether your wisdom teeth need to be removed and can perform the actual wisdom teeth removal in Bergen County.

Wisdom teeth removal has become quite a common dental procedure. Wisdom teeth are no longer needed for what they were once needed for and instead can often come impacted, or crooked. When teeth are impacted, that means they are not developing normally and will not come straight up through the gums like rest of your teeth. Instead, they may be growing toward other teeth, inward toward the inside of your mouth toward your tongue, or outward toward your cheek or the back of your mouth. Dentists track the progress of wisdom teeth in order to determine whether these teeth are impacted. For some people, their wisdom teeth may come in straight or never erupt at all. But if your dentist can detect that your wisdom teeth are impacted, they may prescribe wisdom tooth extractions to solve the issue. Here at Ramapo Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, our local oral surgeon can not only determine whether your teeth are impacted and need to be removed, but can provide you with wisdom teeth removal in Bergen County as needed as well.

If you have any concerns regarding wisdom teeth, one of our local oral surgeons here at Ramapo Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery will meet with you as soon as possible. If your wisdom teeth are impacted or may grow in improperly, one of our oral surgeons will be able to provide you with the wisdom tooth extractions that you need to prevent future dental issues and to safely and comfortably provide you with wisdom teeth removal in Bergen County.

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